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Experts in multiple treatment styles to serve your body’s unique needs, YouMove Chiropractic & Fitness is a licensed Chiropractor and certified fitness center located in Pasadena, CA.

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About YouMove Chiropractic & Fitness

A Higher Standard Of Care

YouMove was founded to provide patients with a higher standard of conservative care. Our goal is to relieve your pain or dysfunction and restore quality movement. Through hands-on treatment and exercise, we restore pain-free movement to allow you to pursue a life of activity with improved function, free of discomfort.

Treatment Through Movement

Treatment through movement - Dr. Haig

How We Help

Advanced Chiropractic Care For All Types Of People

General Healthcare

Searching for neck pain treatment in Pasadena? Or were you asking yourself which back pain Chiropractor near me should I choose? Since most of us have daily routines that involve repetitive movements and sustained postures, our bodies tend to develop motion dysfunction that can lead to recurring pain if left untreated. At YouMove, we’ll develop a clear and effective path to long-term pain relief from nagging aches and pains.

Chronic Pain Treatment

Nobody should have to deal with living in pain – that includes you. Many of our patients refer to us as the best Chiropractor in Pasadena for chronic pain treatment because we focus on treating the root of your pain and discomfort, as opposed to treating  secondary symptoms. 

Health & Wellness

Experience what’s possible when your body feels, functions, and performs at its best. Being one of the only massage therapists in Pasadena CA certified in advanced Sports massage techniques such as Functional Range Release and Stecco Fascial Manipulation, our treatment approach will ensure you receive expert and individualized care. We deliver effective, yet feel good treatment sessions to restore optimal structural balance in the body.

Gym & Fitness Enthusiasts

Want to improve your physical appearance, feel better inside and out, and have more effective workouts? Our Chiropractic office is located within an industrial three-section gym facility. In addition, we’re ranked as one of the best Sports Chiropractors in Pasadena because of our unique treatment approach that produces consistent results.

Athletes & Competitors

Boost performance, shorten recovery time, and strengthen your body for optimal athletic results with our cutting-edge techniques and customized approach. Our therapist has a training background in olympic lifting, powerlifting, and bodybuilding. 

Rehabilitative Care

Looking for treatment for a recurring sports injury? We’ll design a specific treatment plan to help you recover quickly and get back to the activities you love by  utilizing up-to-date, research-backed techniques.

 Chiropractic for health
Chiropractic for fitness
Chiropractic for wellness
 Chiropractic for pain

Our Staff

Haig Basmadjian has always had a passion for the human body and helping others. Prior to becoming a Chiropractor, Haig spent years guiding and training clients to reach their ultimate fitness goals. Support, empathy, and attention to detail are what differentiate Haig from others and make him successful at what he does. Read More $
 Haig Basmadjian, Chiropractor in Pasadena, CA

Dr. Haig Basmadjian, DC

Chiropractor & Personal Trainer

The YouMove Process


We listen to your story and ask questions along the way. We then proceed to perform a complete and thorough examination. Once we have a diagnosis, we create a treatment and management plan.


Based on your diagnosis, we provide treatment using a combination of hands-on techniques such as soft tissue therapy, spinal manipulation, and mobilizations. This is followed by carefully chosen exercises that would benefit you the most.


Once your pain is managed, we focus on developing quality movement through strength training. This ensures you are no longer troubled by the same problem.

Board Certified Chiropractor In Pasadena, CA


YouMove Chiropractic & Fitness
117 W. Bellevue Dr #4
Pasadena, CA 91105

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